Important Message From the Horsemen’s Corral

We all know that 2020 was a tough year for the equine industry. You felt it, the Corral felt it and this award winning announcer felt it with 80% of my bookings cancelled. If you've read our editorial or followed us on Facebook, you also know how hard we fought to get the equine industry opened back up in our region... from gathering some friends to ride to the steps of the Ohio State House to lowering prices on our ads, we did everything possible to help others while fighting for our own survival.  

2021 is starting off with similar challenges but if we work together, we can insure places for our butts to be in the saddle again this year. The Corral reaches more people than ever in OH, MI, IN, KY, WV and PA but we need you to support us just as we do you. With that said, we are sending out our Corral Club renewals a little earlier this year  and I personally want to make you a special offer: 

Now through April, any Corral Club can run a full page ad for only $100 per page/per ad. The ad will appear in print, digital and social media formats reaching thousands of people each month. Additionally, should your event be cancelled, we will run a 1/4 ad to say it was cancelled absolutely FREE (deadline pending). Advertising deadlines are the 15th of the month before print. Run an ad that lists all your events or run a specific event show bill. It doesn't matter... it's a 100 bucks! 

The Corral Calendar is still a free service and the calendar feeds into my weekly radio show, Horsin Around Ohio but nothing is better than a 4 color, full page, print, digital, social media ad! Especially when it's only $100. 

Please call 330-635-4145 with questions. Otherwise, I will look forward to seeing your ad in at least one of the next three issues of the Horsemen's Corral. Thank you and as always... 

May God bless all the trails you ride, 

Joe Coalter
General ManagerPro Equine/Rodeo AnnouncerMobile: 330-635-4145 

Michelle RossArt & Composition Director
Circulation & Club Contact

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