The Event/Education Committee promotes education geared toward the experienced and beginner horse owner and enthusiast. While education is one of our primary responsibilites, we also plan events that entertain and foster relationships among our members. We look towards our membership to assist us in planning the types of educational and entertaining events that they want to see. Our committee welcomes new ideas and new members to bring these new ideas to the table. We look toward the UK Extention Services for professional speakers and experts on particular subjects. We also look for experienced horse owners and enthusiats within our own Network to share their expertise in certain subject matters. Our meetings are once/month and we welcome ALL!


If you enjoy coming to the Events that NKHN puts on, then you need to be a part of this committee!


Chairperson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Holland - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Types of events we have held:

  • Trailer Driving
  • Horse Shoeing
  • Chiropractic clinic
  • Saddle fitting
  • Bits
  • Trailer loading
  • Freeze-branding
  • Bomb-proofing your horse
  • Driving
  • Health Fair
  • Breeding your Mare
  • Bonfire Social
  • Valentines Dance
  • Horse Show
  • Trail Rides

The primary focus of the Membership committee is to maintain and promote membership, and to provide information to membership through various media, website, emails and newsletters. The Membership committee is also responsible for the promotion and sale of all NKHN merchandise.

This committee is looking for members that can contribute their time and ideas to helping us with our quickly growing organization. Please contact any Board Director if you would like to help. Exact date and time of meetings will be posted below.


Chairperson: Nancy Kissinger.

Membership/Communications -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Membership Programs


Membership Referral Program: Any member who refers 2 new members, gets a free NKHN tshirt. Any member who refers 3 new members, gets their next one year membership free.


Student Memberships: Any student $5/year membership with an agreement to volunteer 2 hours at an NKHN event, trail work day or show.


Hours to Ride Program: Don't forget to turn in your hours for the current year! Awards will be given at the Annual Dinner.


NKHN Equine Scholarship Award


Scholarship awards are available to any NKHN member, high school senior or older, in good standing who is applying to an equine related program for a degree or certification (see application for complete list of qualifications).

  • Recipient will be chosen by the Boone, Kenton and Campbell County Extension Agents. The anonymous application will be scored using a point system based on answers to the Essay Questions and Volunteer/Community Service or involvement.
  • Applicants have until November 1st to apply. Award recipient will be recognized at the Annual dinner in January.
  • Board members and their families are now eligible for the scholarship.



The Show Committee was formed through the events committee as a sub committee to fulfill the needs of members who show horses. This committee puts on a Drill Team Competition, an All - Breed Horse Show, and a Carriage & Driving Show/Clinic each year. The classes for the shows are determined by the interest and input of the committee members.


Chairperson: Charlie Poppe.

Co-Chair: Jim Mayer – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







The Trail Committee is part of the Northern Kentucky Horse Network, Inc. The Trail Committee's  primary purpose is to layout, build, consult and maintain horse/hiking trails in the NKHN nine county region. They Organize trail rides, promote “Leave No Trace” and support all trail activities. They are a group of hardworking people who enjoy getting out into the woods and creating great places to ride a horse or go for a walk. They are “Horsemen helping Horsemen”.


Chairperson: Donnie Orth.   859-635-4948.

Ride Chair :  Nick Chaplin.   

Airport Chair: Mark Voet.     859-630-4566.

Jolly Director: Jim Mayer - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ph.859.472.2880






Trail Committee accomplishments:


  1. Responsible for re-opened Equestrian trails at A.J. Jolly Park.
  2. Upgraded A.J. Jolly trails and added signage.
  3. Presently working on adding an additional 8 miles of trails
  4. 7 NKHN members certified in trail building.
  5. 4 NKHN members attended Certified Chainsaw Course.
  6. Received $10,000 grant from KHC for trail building.
  7. Raised funds to purchase trail building tools for the Northern Kentucky Area.
  8. 5 NKHN members attended “Leave No Trace” training.


Hours to Ride Program

Local Trails

Out of State Trails  


AJ Jolly Park Trails:


If you see anything obstructing the trails, let us know what trail it is on and give us some idea what it is, then please Contact Jim Mayer, Donnie Orth or Nick Chaplin  and we will see that it is cleared.


Thank you for your Cooperation


Update on AJ Jolly Park Campground:


There are 12 Campsites with electric and water hookups. There is also a 28 stall barn. Campground will open on May 3rd for the Weekends only until Memorial Day Weekend then it will be opened everyday until Labor Day weekend. You can go to the CC website at or you can call the Ranger Station at Jolly at 859-635-4423 for reservations.


Middlecreek Park:


If you have ridden the park recently and have seen trails that need to be rerouted or reworked please contact Trail Committee.

Sunday Jan 30
Annual Dinner
Sunday Jan 30
Annual Meeting/Boone County Enrichment Ctr.
Sunday Jan 30
Board Meeting (following annual meeting)
Sunday Feb 13
Pop Corn/Movie Night
Friday Feb 18
NKHN Leadership Retreat/Kenton Lands
Saturday Mar 26
Horse Health Day
Saturday Apr 23
Liberty Clinic with Dan James
Saturday Apr 30
Annual Trail Ride
Saturday Apr 30
Annual Trail Ride
Saturday May 07
Western Dressage & Dressage Schooling Show
Saturday May 21
Drill Show
Saturday May 21
Drill Show
Wednesday Jun 01
Family Cookout/Trail Ride
Saturday Jul 23
All Breed Horse Show
Saturday Sep 17
Hamburger Trail Ride
Saturday Sep 17
Hamburger Trail Ride
Saturday Oct 01
Enrichment Day/Equine Conference
Saturday Oct 01
Ranch Horse Clinic #2 (Cattle Sorting)