Trisha Kremer – President

Trisha is a lifelong horse person. She began her career riding an Arabian in local and state 4-H Horse Shows. As an adult she took up Carriage Driving and has driven equines of all sizes. In 1999 she combined her passion for horses with her love for teaching and became a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. She lives in California KY and currently acts as Senior Instructor and Facility Manager for Milestones Equestrian Achievement Program.

Along with a love for teaching, Trisha enjoys learning and it was her desire for equine education that lead her to become involved in the NKHN. She has been a member since the early days and has served as President, Past-President, Director, Committee Chair and committee member over the years. Her favorite thing about being involved is the ability to network with individuals from all aspects of our industry and learn from them.

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