Tracey Schoen – Vice President

My happiest memory growing up in Colorado was in the 5th Grade. We didn’t have much, but I was the richest kid around because I owned a horse. He lived behind our home on a big piece of property my Grandfather managed. Patches was a sweet Paint Gelding and my best friend.

That was many years ago. I now have a daughter that fell in love with horses at a young age just as I did. She has had more choices than I did and growing up in Kentucky has only fueled her interest and love of the equine industry. She trained at three Saddelbred barns while spending summers traveling the ASHA show circuit in and around the Tri-State. We own a small horse farm in Kenton County with three very unique horses.

Being the owner of horses and Mom of a 21-year-old ‘horse crazy’ daughter is a blessing. As other parents can attest, the responsibility and work ethic gained is priceless. I have a personal understanding of how young people involved with horses are taught sportsmanship, the value of money, self-esteem, patience, and perseverance.

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