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NKHN Trail Blazers are part of the Northern Kentucky Horse Network, Inc. The Trail Blazers primary purpose is to layout, build, consult and maintain horse/hiking trails in the NKHN nine county region. They Organize trail rides, promote “Leave No Trace” and support all trail activities. They are a group of hardworking people who enjoy getting out into the woods and creating great places to ride a horse or go for a walk. They are “Horsemen helping Horsemen”.

Chairperson: Buddy Teke - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  Next Meeting Date and Time: July 1, 2015 @ 6:30p

Meeting Location: Kenton County Extension Office

Trail Committee accomplishments:

  1. Responsible for re-opened Equestrian trails at A.J. Jolly Park.
  2. Upgraded A.J. Jolly trails and added signage.
  3. Presently working on adding an additional 8 miles of trails
  4. 7 NKHN members certified in trail building.
  5. 4 NKHN members attended Certified Chainsaw Course.
  6. Received $10,000 grant from KHC for trail building.
  7. Raised funds to purchase trail building tools for the Northern Kentucky Area.
  8. 5 NKHN members attended “Leave No Trace” training.

Middlecreek park: If you have ridden the park recently and have seen trails that need to be rerouted or reworked please contact Trail Blazers Committee


If you see anything obstructing the trails, let us know what trail it is on and give us some idea what it is, then  please Contact Jim Mayer or Buddy Teke ASAP  and we will see that it is cleared.

Thank you for your Cooperation 


There are 12 Campsites with electric and water hookups. There is also a 28 stall barn. Campground will open on May 3rd for the Weekends only until Memorial Day Weekend then it will be opened everyday until Labor Day weekend. (Weather permitting.) You can go to the CC website at or you can call the Ranger Station at Jolly at 859-635-4423alt for reservations.

Thank you 

NKHN Trail Committee 












NKHN All Breed Horse Show

August 1rst at the Alexandria Fairgrounds

A fun show for riders of all levels!

Showbill download


NKHN presents:

Obstacle Course, August 15th at AJ Jolly Park starting @ 9am.

Carriage Driving Clinic, October 24th at the Alexandria Fairgrounds.

Vaccine Clinic with Dr. Tony Wolfe, November 3rd at the Campbell County Ext. in Highland Heights.


Scholarship applications have been updated!

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About NKHN

The Northern Kentucky Horse Network is a collaborative effort among Cooperative Extension, the Conservation Service, horse owners, riders, trainers, riding instructors and equine businesses from all breeds, disciplines and types of horse activities.
We welcome amateurs and professionals, horse hobbyists, local riding clubs, veterinarians, farriers, and businesses with an interest in promoting, protecting and educating horses and horse owners.