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Member Camping and Trail Ride May 3rd and 4th @ Midwest Trail Ride in Norman, IN.
Come to the NKHN International Drill Team Competition                             May 17th, 2014 @ Alexandria Fair Grounds

Show Committee Apr 7th, 6:30 Kenton Cty Ext.

Trail Committee Apr 8th, 6:30 Kenton Cty Ext.

Events/Educ. Committee Apr 21st, 6:30 Kenton Cty. Ext.

Membership Committee Apr 29th, 6:30 Kenton Cty. Ext

Board Meeting Apr 16th, 6:30 Boone Cty Ext.


Scholarship Application for 2014.pdf

Scholarship Instructions 2014.pdf


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The Northern Kentucky Horse Network is a collaborative effort among Cooperative Extension, the Conservation Service, horse owners, riders, trainers, riding instructors and equine businesses from all breeds, disciplines and types of horse activities.
We welcome amateurs and professionals, horse hobbyists, local riding clubs, veterinarians, farriers, and businesses with an interest in promoting, protecting and educating horses and horse owners.