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Welcome to NKHN

Welcome to NKHN

We are a Non-Profit, 501c3, group of horse enthusiasts from the Northern Kentucky area. We hold clinics on everything from trailer driving to horse shoeing. We have trail rides and horse shows. We also get together just to socialize and share stories. We are involved in educating on abuse and neglect and supporting Large Animal Emergency Rescue. We also build and maintain trails and promote trail riding. We are a collaborative effort among the UK Cooperative Extension, the Conservation Service, horse owners, riders, trainers, educators and equine businesses from all breeds and disciplines. We are an “all volunteer” group.

We hope you can join us!

“Recognized as the 2008 Most Active Horse Group”, the Kentucky Horse Council has credited NKHN as the type of organization that “exemplifies the type of regional organization that the KHC would like to see develop throughout the state.”


Mission/Vision Statement

2012 JC Horseslr

The mission of Northern Kentucky Horse Network is to enrich our horse industry and community, to "promote, protect and educate".

The vision of Northern Kentucky Horse Network is to encourage the Northern Kentucky region to become a model equine community for all disciplines and breeds, to protect the horse population, to provide recreational opportunities, to encourage sound management practices and to promote agri-tourism and the interests of the local horse industry.

Northern Kentucky Horse Network
3500 Alexandria Pike
Highland Heights, KY 41076




July 12th, NKHN Trail Blazers will have a work day starting at 9am.

Food and drinks provided. Please contact Jim Mayer if you can come out, 859-496-4976. Trails will be closed to day riders during work day.

August 2nd at the Alexandria Fairgrounds NKHN presents the All-Breed Horse Show. more

August 16th at AJ Jolly Park

NKHN Obstacle Course Challenge

Timed Course with 10 Obstacles

Starts at 9AM.


If you appreciate the work that these committees do, please come out and support them! New volunteers are always needed!

Trail Blazers meeting July 8th at 6:30pm Kenton Cty Ext.

Events/Educ. and Membership Committee will have a joint meeting ,July 15th at 6:30pm, Kenton Cty Ext. 

Board Meeting July 16th , 6:30 Boone Cty Ext.


Scholarship Application for 2014.pdf

Scholarship Instructions 2014.pdf


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About NKHN

The Northern Kentucky Horse Network is a collaborative effort among Cooperative Extension, the Conservation Service, horse owners, riders, trainers, riding instructors and equine businesses from all breeds, disciplines and types of horse activities.
We welcome amateurs and professionals, horse hobbyists, local riding clubs, veterinarians, farriers, and businesses with an interest in promoting, protecting and educating horses and horse owners.